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My name is David Diana.  I’m a Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Business Consultant.  I work with people who find themselves at a cross roads in life.  I have spent the past 18 years helping men and women achieve their goals and live their lives with renewed energy and excitement.

If you are feeling stuck or are looking for “more”, please read on and learn how I can help.

From Exploration & Insight to Design & Delivery

My practice gives people an opportunity to gain new insight, acquire new focus, and reach new heights. It is a unique blend of self-exploration, awareness building, and action-oriented work designed to launch each person on his or her own unique journey of self-discovery.

I work with you within the unique context of your life, and I do so with one goal in mind – helping you find your path to a richer and more meaningful life! Learn more about my services.